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Edu Mithra, under the name of Centre for Integrated Robotic Research (CIRRD) organizes robotic workshops for school students who are passionate about ROBOTS. We conduct online as well as offline hands on workshops on different robots. We works towards helping every deserving kid by providing access to the education and hands on robotics training.
HANDS ON TRAINING - Kids learn to assemble and build their own robot while attending class.
CODING SKILLS - Kids are taught skills to communicate with robots through programs and code.
BUILD CONFIDENCE - Building robot or a machine in such small age is a profound and empowering experience.
BUILD TEAM WORK - To assemble a robot one needs to collaborate with team members and listen to others to capture their valuable inputs.

Edu MithraSAFARI

Edu Mithra Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. time to time organizes different residential camps for school going kids namely SAFARI. Today’s kids are more aware and receptive and more interested in attending different informative programs. Our main camps are Space Safari, Science Safari and Maths Safari.
PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE - Residential camp give kids a chance to experience theoretical and practical together, which imprints on young minds forever.
MEETING WITH THE EXPERTS - Safaris mostly provides lifetime chance to meet and interact with the experts of the subjects.
DEEP DIVE INTO NEW SKILLS - It gives an opportunity to kids to get deeply involved into the subject while learning and enjoying.


Math is not as difficult as we think. It only requires correct method to attend a problem. Vedic Mathematics is known for its unique calculation style. Veda is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Knowledge’ and Vedic Math means knowledge of mathematics. Vedic Mathematics can help solving mathematical numerical calculations faster and it could be a handy tool for those who need to solve mathematical problems faster by the day.
INCREASES SPEED AND ACCURACY - The formula used in Vedic mathematics increases the speed to solve problems and gets the accurate result.
INCREASE VISUALIZATION AND CONCENTRATION - Vedic math increases the thinking ability and concentration of the children for how to solve problems in a different method.
IMPROVED ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND INSTANT RESULTS - The methods are very beneficial and a way to optimize their performance. It gives an edge in mathematics and logic that will make them shine in the classroom and beyond.




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