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This summer, take your child for a never before voyage through the astonishing magical world of Mathematics, with the best combo of fun, knowledge and experiences!!

Welcome to Math Safari, an intensive two-day summer camp for enthusiastic school students of classes V-XII, designed to expose them to the beauty of advanced mathematical ideas and to the different ways of thinking!

Math safari intends to create a space where learning math is fun, social and supportive, so that every student becomes a lifelong math lover, and an independent learner who will dare to explore farther into the horizon of knowledge with the confidence and courage acquired never before!!

Math Safari will inspire curiosity and build confidence in students of all levels through the uniquely designed package consisting of a variety of workshops developed over the strong foundation of Vedic Mathematics, Abacus, Active Mathematics, speed mathematics and much more!!!

Why Math Safari??

Math Safari isn’t really a camp. It’s more of a festival- a congregation of people who celebrate Math, enjoy Math, learn math and essentially live Math !!!

Math Safari is a place to… 

  • Live Within Mathematics:  It’s All About Mathematics.

 Math Safari is so conceived to fill the air and light with math to create an environment that catalyses the thirst for knowledge of every child.

Explore farther into the unexplored fields of knowledge to enhance and enrich knowledge as well as academic grades!

  • Gain mathematical Knowledge, Skills and Confidence

Get the essence of Abacus, Vedic Mathematics, Active Mathematics, speed mathematics and many more panaceas of mathematical problem solving and ultimately enjoy the refreshing feel of research based leaning!

Get yourself familiar with the trending world of current mathematics, learn and apply new methods of problem solving including new mathematical tools , transform your child  in to a more skilled and confident learner. 

  • Challenges  to be Challenged!

Introduce him/her to the unsolved problems of the mathematical world and make him/her a child mathematician with skills that no other child will have!

Every moment spent in Math Safari will take your child to newer and fresher challenges that will enhance his/her skills and aptitudes to enable him/her achieve higher in life. 

  • Learn From the Legends

Math Safari will bring together the legends of the fields and passionate researchers under one roof and it will give the students a never before experience of interacting with them. 

  • Make friends

Be with students from around the state and discover how much fun it is to be around people who think math is cool.

Math Safari : All in a Glance


Student of classes V-XII can attend Math safari. The package is so tailored to suite all age groups to give maximum benefits.

Camp structure

Math safari is a two day camp that starts at 9 AM and ends at 5 PM.

Dates of the Event:  23 & 24 May 2015

Venue: Department of Mathematics

Cochin University of Science & Technology, Kerala

Math Safari:Highlights

Math Made SimpleMath Safari 1

This session will take students to the magical world of math to explore the unknown facts that will make their eyes go wider!

The session will touch all th fields of math learning including its needs, math tricks, math magic’s and much more!

The session will be handled by Mr. Palliyara Sreedharan, the famous child literature writer.

Palliyara Sreedharan, is one of the most famous writer in children’s literature who has developed a branch of  Math literature  in Malayalam literature. Being a writer, Mr.  Sreedharan is also a school teacher and has proven his talent in mathematics teaching. After taking voluntary retirement from his teaching profession, he dedicated himself for writing and till date he has over 100 books, all related to mathematics  including, stories, biographies, drama poems technical books etc. such as Some great mathematicians of the world, Kanakk + magic, Ganithavinjhanakosam, Sreenivasa ramanujan, Ganithasasthraprathibhakal etc.

He is a life member of Indian Society for History of Mathematics (ISHM, New Delhi) and Association of Mathematics Teachers in India (AMTI, Chennai).  He was a member of the State Syllabus Revision Committee in Mathematics and  was the General Secretary of State Schools Mathematics Association sponsored by Department of Education, Govt. of Kerala .

He has published hundreds of essays in various newspapers and periodicals. He is a regular writer in most popular dailies in Malayalam He has also presented many programmes in different TV Channels and All India Radio. His books and essays are praised by children, teachers and parents alike for  the simplicity and attractive style of presentation.

Mr. Palliyara sreedharan has been honored with many awards such as The greatest award for total contribution for Childrens Literature In Malayalam instituted by Govt. Of Kerala .,  State Science Book Award instituted by Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment , Govt. Of Kerala for The book ‘Ganithashasthra Prathibhakal’,  Kerala Sahithya Accadamy Award for the book ‘Poojyathinte Katha’,  Bharath Excellence Award instituted by Penfriendship Forum Of India New Delhi, Subadrakumari Chowhan Janmasadabdi Puraskar. Panipath Hariyana, State Institute of Childrens Literature Award for the book ‘Sankhyakalude Katha’ and many more.

It is an honor to have Mr. Palliyara Sreedharan for  the session in Math Safari, to enlighten the children with the immense experience and knowledge he has.

Pristine Ways Mathematics Learning

This session will take students to the a new phase of Math learning through new and fresh method that combines methods that deviate from the conventional learning and teaching concepts of Math, that is capable of igniting the “wow” factor in your child. The session will be designed over the concept of activity based learning where numerous hands on activities do the teaching!Math Safari 2

The session will be consisting of the following   topics

Origami and mathematics, where the art of origami and paper craft joints hands with mathematics to give Math learning a new soul.


The session is so designed to familiarize students with the mathematics related software’s such as Google Sketchup, GeoGebra etc which will be a never before experience. The software’s will be introduced such that the training will equip them to get attracted to new ways of learning.Math Safari

The session will be handled by Mr Paul Maliakkal, a renowned Mathematics teacher with wide exposure to IGCSE, IB, CBSE and ICSE curricula. He has associated with the prestigious schools like Bombay Cambridge School, Mumbai, India, Shantiniketan Indian School, Doha Qatar, Al Noor International School, Bahrain with fellowship centre of the University of Cambridge and with Trivandrum International School, Trivandrum, Kerala as Senior Faculty Member Mr. Paul is also the Recipient of awards for designing the best Teaching Aid in the Mathematics Exhibition conducted by the Department of Education (1994) and has won the IB Learner Profile Award from Trivandrum International School (2012).Highly proficient in computer oriented e-teaching programmes, he has developed the Mathematics software e-math which was selected as the finalist in the UAE Educational IT Challenge 2007

 Mathematics Skill Development Programs (MSDP)Math Safari 3

This session is intended to develop mathematical skills of students including computational ability, speed of calculations etc through specially designed package including topics such as New trends in Mathematics,Mysterious Numbers, Beauty of Mathematics, Short cuts in discrete Mathematics, Entrance Made Easy, Activity based Mathematics, Fallacies Paradoxes and Illusions in mathematics.

The session will be handled by Iqubal Padanat , famous mathematics trainer in various streams. He is a Post Graduate with M.Phil in Mathematics with  over 10 years of teaching experience in many reputed institutions all over India such as  Aptech, Pearson Education Ltd, TIME etc. He has been handling the classes of UG, PG, Engineering, B-Schools and Competitive Exams such as GATE, IIT, CAT, SAT and CA-CPT for years and has a remarkable training career history in mathematics training to both teachers and students. He has written books on the topic Linear Algebra and Quantitative aptitude for competitive exams and has presented his paper ”Maximal Fuzzy Bi-ideal in national level mathematics seminars and conferences.

Research Based Learning On MathematicsMath Safari 4

Mathematic is a vast field with great opportunities for research and related careers. The session will enlight the students with the research based learning in mathematics with a view of transforming every child into great mathematicians! The session will take the students to the unresolved theories in world mathematics and will let them try solving them and there by cultivating great intrests in mathematics.

The sessions will be handled by N.M. Hussain,  a post-graduate in Economics and a Diploma holder in Archaeology and participated in many excavations in field archaeology including the excavation of one Indus Valley site in Rajasthan under the supervision of Archaeological Survey of India and Department of Archaeology,

He has investigated many claims appeared in English and Malayalam media and published a lot of studies about them. He maintains a correspondence and personal relationship with many scholars and scientists in the universities all over the world including scientists in NASA. Now , actively developing a series of educational packages to make schools and colleges a center of Excellence and his books include Neo-Aryanism, Holocaust Controversies ,The Politics of the Invasion of Iraq, Palestine and the Western Media, Evolution Theory : New Crisis etc.


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You can register for Math Safari by clicking the link below.

Registration fee :Rs.4000/- ( Included study materials)

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