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EDUMITHRA wants each and every child to know that they are UNIQUE and there is something very SPECIAL about them – something no one else has or can do!
And if they don’t know what that special something is at first, we are sure to discover it soon! Because edumithra opens a world of limitless knowledge, fun, and anything and everything that a child needs to make his/her learning a fun filled journey with which they will transform themselves in to good students, better personalities and best human beings!

Edumithra makes learning an experience never before through the highly advanced, interactive and hands on training for students of standard 1 to 12, on various topics of interest which will enable them achieve higher in life.
What Edumithra offers is not conventional ‘classroom’ where textbooks rules, instead it’s a kingdom of knowledge where children would not be just taught something but will make them know what to learn, how to learn and why to learn!

We believe in Learning by which is the best method of teaching ever developed. Our training are designed on that foundation. Because we believe learning is not a spectator sport!