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Edu  Mithra Science Safari

Simply scientific!

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Let the magical world of science make your eyes open wider, thoughts brighter, minds sharper and learning more enjoyable! It’s all about science, fun and you!

Come and join us for the best ever vacation with fun, great experiences and new ways of learning!

Edu Mithra offers a one of a kind vacation camp for classes 5-10 so conceived for students with a dedicated vision of making students love science and change their approach on to studies with a well-formulated package consisting of Space Science, Vedic Mathematics, fun filled activities in Science subjects with hands on experiments, innovative learning through drama, memory and personality development workshops and  interactive sessions, all handled by eminent and efficient personalities of the related field, in a new and innovative form: fun + science = Science Safari!

What Science Safari offers is not conventional ‘classroom’ where textbooks rules, instead it’s a kingom of knowledge where children would not be just taught something but will make them know what to learn, how to learn and why to learn!

So why wait?

Come ,join us in the voyage of fun, knowledge and never before experiences!!

Camp Dates: 10, 11 & 12 of April, 2015

Venue: Moozhikkulam Sala Jaiva Campus, Moozhikkulam, Kerala ( 




Edu Mithra Science Safari: All at a Glance

Edu Mithra Science Safari is a perfect blend of learning techniques along with vacation fun. It breaks all orthodox study camp concepts replacing them with a brand new way of serving knowledge with fun.

Dates &  Timings: 

Science Safari is three day long residential camp on 10th, 11th, and 12th of April 2015. the camp covers three days and two nights, all at the camp venue.

Science Safari is meant for two categories of children: category 1 (Classes 5-7) and Category 2  (Classes 8-10). The sessions and workshops are formulated to suite their ages and it will teach them to learn more progressively and effectively.


Science Safari:Highlights


Day 1

 Fun with Math  vm_logo

Is mathematics a nightmare for your child?Are you worried about their poor performing Maths exams?

It’s time to put an end to all these worries and take them to the amazing world of Maths where they will fall in love with mathematics.Vedic Mathematics, a boon to the world in this era where numerical skills are deteriorating in people with the advent of modern technologies and the use of these in the early age. The session helps to eradicate the fear of Mathematics and instils confidence in the students. The calculation speed and arithmetic skills are also improved as it sharpens the thoughts. It is an aid to crack scholarships and entrance exams easily.  Vedic mathematics finds it’s applications everywhere in every stages of problem solving involving mathematics:-from multiplication to finding cubes, squares, from solving  simple equations to the solutions of complex algebraic equations, with easy mental calculations that takes only seconds to complete! gradually transforming the practitioner to an ardent lover of the subject.

Session By : Mr Paul Maliakkal ( Renowned Mathematics teacher with wide exposure to IGCSE, IB, CBSE and ICSE curricula. He was associated with the prestigious schools like Bombay Cambridge School, Mumbai, India, Shantiniketan Indian School, Doha Qatar, Al Noor International School, Bahrain with fellowship centre of the University of Cambridge and with Trivandrum International School, Trivandrum, Kerala as Senior Faculty Member

He has worked as  the Vice Principal, CIE Examination Coordinator and as the Deputy Head (IGCSE). He escorted the select students as their guide teacher to Germany in September2009 as a part of the STUDENTS`EXCHANGE Programme.

Mr. Paul is also the Recipient of awards for designing the best Teaching Aid in the Mathematics Exhibition conducted by the Department of Education (1994) and has won the IB Learner Profile Award from Trivandrum International School (2012).Highly proficient in computer oriented e-teaching programmes, he has developed the Mathematics software e-math which was selected as the finalist in the UAE Educational IT Challenge 2007)

 Joy of Physics ( Science toys from Trash )toys-from-trash1

Witness the trash transforming into unimaginable science toys,the  “junk” becoming “sense”, and “the useless” becoming “the “most wanted”!!

The session will teach the children the amazing facts of physics through science toys made from trash.  children will be made to learn how to make the toys, and more than that, the science behind them.

Session By : Mr. Saneesh Chengamanad ( KAIRALI Channel Host & Student Mentor)

Sky Watch and Telescope Makingtelescope

 Let the dark and deep sky astonish you! Explore deeper, know better and have fun!

Make telescopes, observe the limitless sky, and learn more!!

The session is well designed to make your child’s eyes go wider with activities including telescope making workshop and sky watch. The sky watch session will take your child closer to the heavenly bodies with highly advanced astronomical instruments including high power reflector telescopes.

Session By : Mr. P S Sobhen, Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, Maharaja’s College Ernakulam.

 Day 2


The Chemistry of Life1500---base_image_4.1424268714

 Explore the science of life! make chemistry and life science (biology) simpler.

The session will be dealing with the facts of chemistry and biology through simple and interesting real time experiments and demonstrations which will link learning and fun in the maximum sync.

Session By : Dr. C M Joy ( Professor, Dept. of Botany, SH College, Thevara. Ph D in Faculty of Environmental Studies from Cochin University of Science & Technology. Research guide under M.G. University. Areas of research: River Pollution Monitoring, River Management, Water Conservation, Water Quality Analyses, Solid Waste Management, Mangrove ecosystem management & conservation and use of Non conventional energy for Spice Quality improvement. UGC observer for NET/JRF Examinations. Chairman, technical group, Total Sanitation and Health Programme, Ernakulum district. President, Association for Environmental Protection, Aluva.)



Learn through DRAMA!!!speech-and-drama-placeholder

 Throw away your stage fear, improve speaking skills, revamp your confidence level and be ready to transform yourself into a confident “YOU”.

The session will work on the confidence level and public speaking skills of the children to make them feel better about themselves through short skits and dramas which will be a never before experience to the children.

Session By : Smt. Jyothirmayi Kurup (MA in Theater from Sree Sankaracharya University, 3 year Professional Diploma in Inter Cultural Theater Activities from SINGAPORE)

 Camp FireImage: Kupala Night in Poznan

Fill your heart with memories, Open your mind for new experiences!

Spend the night at our camp with your friends and experience the adventure of camp fire and the magic of the night sky. Make a Sky Lantern and let it fly high with your dreams. Have fun with music, dance and games!.

Day 3

Memory  and Personality Development TechniquesPrint

Want your brain to memorize more? Want to get noticed by others?

Enrich your personality with great qualities and skills to be a better YOU!

Learn new techniques like mnemonics to improve your recalling capacity and memorizing power which will help you remember things easily.

The workshop will introduce the campers with new and highly efficient memory improvement techniques and personality betterment tips that will equip them to achieve higher in life.

Session By : Mr. Rajeev S R, Training Coordinator, Rajagiri OutReach, Kalamassery, Ernakulam.

Game to Gainchildren_playing_1_by_roweig-d4o9527

Game to Gain is all about making life simpler, taking you out of the hell of worries, tensions and anything and everything that pull you back from achieving higher.

We believe it’s the way we approach life that makes it complex or simple. Game to Gain makes your life simpler; helps you think out of the box. Game to Gain is designed over a platform of 150+ games and activities so organized to benefit all the  age groups from students to professionals. The sessions will be a perfect blend  of such activities and games in a well-organized manner to refresh the participants with a higher energy to accelerate towards a life which is more vibrant, colorful & promising. You just can’t imagine how your life would change with Game to Gain. It gives you a new beginning for life, strengthening you to face the challenges head on!

Why we need Free and Open Source software

The session talks about the importance of Free and OpenSource software on student community. Major educational institutions as well as industrial organizations are choosing FOSS technologies due to the freedom it gives.

Session By : Mr. Sreenadh H, CEO, Greenfoss Technologies-Kochi


What science safari gives…

  • Cultivates and nurtures genuine interest in science subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
  • Rare chance of experiencing the experiments that they have only seen/read in text books
  • A better understanding of what it means to be a scientist, what the work is like, what equipment scientists use, and the many possibilities that exist for a career in science.
  • The positive experiences associated with Science Safari that emphasize personal skill development that everyone needs, including the ability to make decisions, self-confidence, personal communication, and the development of a richer more valuable profile.
  • Greater understanding of science and how to learn it.
  • New friends and new memories they will remember and value throughout their lives.


A little About The Venue ..297417_177751518969090_1419963958_n

Looking over the life giving waters of the Chalakkudy River, Moozhikkulam sala is situated in Moozhikkulam, a village of great historical background for its educational centers, in Ernakulam District of Kerala. It has a premise of 2.40 acres of area which consists of 22 Nalukkettus, traditional Kerala style homes. The remarkable feature of these buildings is their eco-friendliness. The Jaiva campus is well protected and its our previllage tohave Moozhikkulam Shala as our venue for Science Safari.

The location near the Chalakkudi River and  the calm and beautiful atmosphere makes a perfect platform for learning and vacation leisures!


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