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Edumithra makes learning an experience never before through the highly advanced, interactive and hands on training for students of standard 1 to 12, on various topics of interest which will enable them achieve higher in life.
What Edumithra offers is not conventional ‘classroom’ where textbooks rules, instead it’s a kingdom of knowledge where children would not be just taught something but will make them know what to learn, how to learn and why to learn!

Edumithra Provides various kind of educational programmes and competetions to find extraordinary talents in school level.

Our Services

Edumithra National Cyber Olympiad (EMNCO)

Students are great exploiters of the cyber space, depending on it for knowledge, entertainments, communications etc.Edumithra NATIONAL CYBER OLYMPIAD (EMNCO) is a venture by EduMithra Intellectual Services to enhance the students with interest in to the world of computers and to encourage them with amazing prices.

Entry Fee : 500/- per student.

Edumithra National Space Olympiad (EMNSO)

Edu Mithra International space Olympiad is an exploratory venture to identify and nurture and ignite the young scientific minds who are passionate to the world of mysteries; the space. It’s much about inspiring the young generation to enhance their knowledge and comprehension about the space science and space explorations.

Entry Fee : Rs 1000/- per student.

Edumithra Vedic Maths Training

Vedic Mathematics, a blessing to the world in this era of deteriorating people’s numerical skills with the use of modern technologies in the early ages. It eradicates the fear of Mathematics and instills confidence in the students.

Entry Fee : Rs 2500/- per student.

Edumithra Science Workshop

Edumithra Science Workshop Offers hands-on science, Math & Skill enrichment that really bring the ‘wow’ factor to subjects for young minds! Break the trend of students who don’t like science and don’t consider science careers. Encourage the pursuit of science from a young age and make life-long science lovers. Students with interest in sports, martial arts, dance and other areas have great opportunities to pursue their interests. Let’s give students with a science interest that chance also, and encourage it at a young age.

Entry Fee : Rs 2500/- per student.