Our Vision and Mission

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Our Vision:

We believe the best citizen is a well brought up child and education is the first and foremost aid.
It’s education that makes up a part of a child’s personality, attitude and qualifications which builds up their career, and the entire life depends on their character. We believe education is never complete with academic excellence alone .every co-curricular activity plays key role in their development we open for them a neo exciting thoughtful world of experiences.
Edu Mithra has a vision of transforming every child into great personalities by helping them develop their skills and attitude which will enable them emerge as world leaders.

Our Mission:

Every child is unique in their talents and skills. Its only through the proper honing of these skills and talents that they achieve success in life but the present educational system is a bit outdated to ensure it. That’s why we are here!!

Edu Mithra intend to take young minds beyond the limits of textbooks and academic curriculum and to motivate them at a younger age, to make them feel they are unique with the skills nobody have and to open before them the unexplored fields of knowledge and experiences thus ensuring quality education and expert mentoring to every student across the globe it is every student’s right . Thereby equipping them with the strength to achieve a promising future.