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Edu Mithra National Cyber Olympiad

Edu Mithra National Cyber Olympiad (EMNCO) is an exploratory venture to spot buoy up and nurture the young talents in the cyber world. We aid and abet, inspiring the young generation to deepen their knowledge and perception about the cyber world.  The young generation sways the cyber world the realization of the momentousness of this factuality   gave birth to Edu Mithra National Cyber Olympiad.  In the young horde only the aspirant and enthusiastic reach for the farthest horizons. EMNCO provides a unique and one of a kind platform where the “techie teens” show off their metal, triumph, meet up with legends of the cyber world, growing deep in knowledge, discussing thoughts, and implementing mind-blowing ideas !!!

Laurels to be won:

First prize : Rs 30,000 + certificate

Second Prize : Rs 20,000 + certificate

Third Prize : Rs 10,000 + certificate