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It’s a competing world around us and only the fittest survives. But for students, competitions are a platform of proving excellence and it’s that pupil who has real mettle with in comes out with flying colors.

We believe success is 90 percent perspiration and 10 inspirations. Any competition or Olympiad or exams will be pieces of cake if prepared well.
Edumithra offers well organized training for all types of competitions for students of all ages to enable students to succeed each and every competitive exam they attend.
Edumithra’s training is based on deep researches on every single aspect of the competitive examinations in India with a well-developed study materials that covers previous question papers, sample question papers formulated by highly qualified experts in each field, deep rooted syllabus that covers not just the topics to attend the exam but it’s good enough to make your child a little genius in the field.

Edumithra trainings are for all types of Olympiad/competitive examination in all fields including mathematics, physics, chemistry, general science and Olympiads etc. and the classes will be handled by highly qualified experts in each field.

List of Olympiads in india

  1. Indian National Mathematical Olympiad
  2. National Science Olympiad
  3. South Indian Physics Olypiad
  4. South Indian Chemistry Olypiad
  5. South Indian Mathes Olypiad
  6. National Green Olympaid
  7. Internatinaol Maths Olympaid
  8. A.I.M.Ed Mathes Talent Test
  9. Dr A.S.Rao Talent Test
  10. Ramanujan Maths Talent Test
  11. HIND Talent Test
  12. J.V.Rao Talent Test
  13. KWEST Talent Test
  14. C.V.Raman Young Ginus Talent Test
  15. Godavari Talent Test
  16. Dr K.V.Rao Scientific Society Awards
  17. “National Standard Examination” by IAPT
  18. Dr K.V.Rao Scientific Society Awards
  19. Dr K.V.Rao Scientific Society Awards
  20. National Standard Examination(NSE) by IAPT
  21. Talent Search Test (NTSE) by NCERT
  22. Dr AS Rao Awards Council (ASRAC)
  23. Dr. K.V. Rao Scientific Society
  24. Godavari Talent Test
  25. The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India(A.M.T.I)
  27. Sir. C. V. Raman’s ‘Young Genius’ awards
  28. Unified Cyber Olympiad
  30. Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yogana(KVPY) Administerd by India Institute of Science(IIS) Bangalore
  31. Science Olympaid Foundation