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The Cyber World is a digital extension of you interacting with a digital extension of our real world in a Virtual environment. It should be obvious you can’t build virtual extensions on a web or web pages. We have to have something much more sophisticated. So welcome to the Cyber World.
These digital extensions will give the ordinary user extraordinary capabilities compared to today’s standards. The Cyber World will allow the internet to move to a more advanced level of online computing. Things like voting, attending classes, purchasing homes and automobiles, court proceedings, job interviews, grocery shopping, Medical care and diagnostics, computer and home appliance maintenance and diagnostics, real time monitoring and enforcement of cyber crime, etc., will all be done online with ease. From the basic idea of interconnected network of computers that can communicate with each other, the cyber space has acquired a much greater meaning and scope in daily life and it is now an inevitable part of life on the planet, in one way or the other.

Students are great exploiters of the cyber space, depending on it for knowledge, entertainments, communications etc. NATIONAL CYBER OLYMPIAD (NCO) is a venture by EduMithra Intellectual Services to enhance the students with interest in to the world of computers and to encourage them with amazing prices. NCO provides a never before platform where the “techie” students meet the hero’s of the cyber world, gaining knowledge, discussing thoughts, and implementing mind-blowing ideas !!!

NCO will bring B.Tech students of various collages spread all across India, sharing common affinity towards the amazing cyber world. The Olympiad so structured to touch every aspect of the cyber world and a promising vision to empower students with the power of cyber knowledge.